2015 Seeking Alpha Series

Using Option Theory to Evaluate Market Volatility Arising from the Fed Rate Regime 


Using Game Theory to Evaluate Greece and the Euro Negotiations


Tactical Asset Allocation - Option Overlay

This article was published as part of an investment management site.  The goal is to illustrate the method of implementing a tactical overlay to a strategic allocation.


2014 Seeking Alpha Series on Asset Allocation

These articles are designed to provide basic financial literacy in the asset allocation process.

Intro, First Section

Sep 2013 - Liquidity Scenario for the Federal Reserve Balance Sheet

Sitting on the fence... Anchored investors

Economic discussion of the psychology of fixing an asset allocation that has moved away from one's target by analyzing current markets and politics and implementing a gradual investment approach.  http://seekingalpha.com/article/1859781-sitting-on-the-fence

Analysis of the Federal Reserve Balance Sheet

I hope this one stimulates some thought about financial risk management. 


Seed Stage Investing - Standard Set of Questions
Regulatory Enforcement in a Social Media Economy

What's on the Other Side of Austerity?

Please enjoy my Spring 2013 Investment Letter, published on minyanville.



Asset Allocation - Planning for 2013

For those who are interested in financial markets, I hope you enjoy my investment letter